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    Dosido Strain

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    Dosido Strain (Do Si Do Weed Strain)

    Dosido is a potent indica strain with THC levels reaching up to 30 percent THC. This spirited cannabis strain offers a very potent and smooth high, followed by a lot of dreamy, euphoric bliss. Due to the powerful effects of this strain, novice users are recommended to take small quantities of this purple flower because high doses usually lead to paranoia.


    Dosido Weed Strain Experience

    The strain is known for offering exquisite effects to the users. People who enjoy Indica-dominant strains will love the results of this strain. When you begin smoking this strain, you will get a powerfully tranquilizing impact accompanied by a dreamy euphoria which brings maximum bodily relaxation.

    Although this strain can sometimes lead to drowsiness, it can make cannabis enthusiasts become more focused and elevated. You may feel a sense of relaxation in the body while your mind is free to wander. This makes this hybrid strain perfect for solo consumers who enjoy introspection.


    Traits of Dosido

    Do-Si-Dos is a true hybrid which inhibits powerful genetics. A regular dose of this strain will feature approximately 25 and 30 percent THC. Do-Si-Dos was produced by crossing dominant strains including OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and a heavy-hitting Indica strain called Face Off OG.

    The original Breeder is Archive Seeds, and this strain can also be bought in seed form dispensaries. Nevertheless, these rockstar buds are usually expensive for starters with about $900 per pack.

    Most people love this strain because of its high THC levels, and it well-crafted buds, which undoubtedly contribute to this strain’s value. The buds are filled with different colors, including Deep purples, reds, blues, and lavenders.



    Interested growers can quickly get dosido seeds at online shops. The good thing about Dosido seeds is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, before successfully growing outdoors, you will need a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Growers who want to their buds to become very colorful should ensure to continually leave their plants in the cold nighttime temperatures just before flowering begins. The strain may also result in average yield during harvest. Since this strain has a pungent smoke, it will also lead to a lot of odors when grown indoors. So indoor growers are recommended to invest in odor control measures like carbon air filters or exhaust fans.


    Medical benefits of Do-Si-Do weed strain

    This strain consists of high levels of THC, which may be too powerful for novice cannabis users. However, the high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid may be necessary for medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety, pain, stress, etc.

    Cannabis enthusiasts suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and stress can use this strain to gain relief from these traumatic conditions. Patients with sleep issues that arise from chronic pain can also use this strain to obtain relief.

    This potent strain may produce body-centric effects for users. However, sometimes, it can lead to a cerebral, euphoric mood, which can be well suited for cannabis patients with depression.

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